Jungle KK announces acquisition of data eraser software [DiskDeleter] and its associated business.

Tokyo, Japan, August 28, 2019
Jungle KK, a leading Japanese software publisher, BluestSoft, Inc., an innovative developer of the Diskdeleter software products and White Point KK, a distributor of the Diskdeleter software products have reached an agreement whereby Jungle acquires the entire product lines of Diskdeleter software and White Point’s sales operations from the respective owners.

Jungle has been selling Diskdeleter’s family product, [Kanzen Massho (= Complete Erasure)] software products since 2002. Kanzen Massho is the most secure hard drive data eraser software, currently version 17.

The data leakage responsibility falls upon the owner of a PC / hard drive regardless the PC was disposed, stolen, recycled, or leased-back. Unlike Recycle Bin, Kanzen Massho wipes out data so as to make data recovery impossible and issues tamper-proof reports of erasure. By using Kanzen Massho, a data owner can securely erase critical and sensitive data such as personal information, credit card information, net banking ID/Password, confidential business information, etc.

Diskdeleter was developed by BluestSoft with a focus on enterprise users and has been selling in the US, Europe, Asia, etc. When a corporation disposes, leases-back or re-allocates PC and server assets, all the data can be erased securely and efficiently by using Diskdeleter. Its unlimited license allows a corporation to erase data of unlimited number of PCs within a premise thereby offers a cost-effective solution. In Japan, WhitePoint has sold and supported Diskdeleter for a broad range of large and small corporations and public entities.

In Japan, secure data erasure market is growing reflecting the more awareness of compliance, PC replacement demands arising from the support end of Windows 7, work style changes, etc. To meet the growing demand and provide comprehensive support, Jungle has made a decision to acquire the entire Diskdeleter family products and associated business and plans to realize the synergies with other products and services Jungle is currently offering.