Easy and Flexible Cloud Data Migration and Synchronization ToolboxData Migration Box

Easy & Flexible PC - Cloud
Data Migration & Synchronization

Data Migration Box migrates and synchronizes data among
on-premise and many cloud storages in easy, flexible and efficient ways.

Supported Cloud Storages

Amazon Cloud Drive / FTP / SFTP MEGA /Mediafire / Baidu / Yandex / 4shared / Adrive / Mail.com / Magenta CLOUD / Hidrive / pCloud /Mail.ru /Stack Storage and so on…

Many Options for Data Migration

Explorer-like UI, 1-Click or Drag & Drop data migration

Granular control with many configuration options

Multiple Sync Method Options

Mirror sync

Local data and cloud storage are complete the same

Update sync

Upload only files added or updated locally to cloud storage. Stay updated files on cloud storage.

Interactive sync

Maintain the latest files for both local and cloud.
(always update the updated file)

Hash Comparison

Same name files in cloud and local can be compared using
timestamp, file size & hash value, ensuring accurate file sync.

Task Schedule

You can use GUI “task scheduler” or “command line”
to set up data migration and routine synchronization .

Detailed Log Output

Detailed sync log includes Date & Time / Sync Path / Files, etc.

Exceptionally Superb Cost - Performance

Data Migration Box

1-year subscription

(pre-sales tax)

*Free user support
 a) During the license period of 1 year b) All the program updates during the license term

*Additional paid user consultations
Annual support fee of 49,000 [JPY] during the program license period of 1 year

For product inquiries and volume license quotes, please contact Jungle below (inquiry form will open).

Product Features

  • ●Automated periodic synchronization with scheduler or using command line
  • ●Log output includes file comparison results  (e.g., on-premise files update, same, etc.)
  • ●Log records in text file, which Excel can import
  • ●Hash comparison, if a cloud storage supports hash
  • ●Filter settings for data migration and synchronization
  • ●Encrypt data prior to uploading to clouds
  • ●File search of cloud data
  • ●File sharing settings within DMB
  • ●Copy & Paste files between different cloud storages
  • ●Support batch operations using command line

Product Specifications

Recommended System Environments
OS = Windows 10/11 (64bit)
   Windows server 2016 or later
CPU = Inter Core i5・i7 (Core-ix-8xxx or later)
Memory = Minimum 8 GB
Required System Environments
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8.x or later

*Product License Terms
1 License 1 client PC for 1 year
e.g. If Data Migration Box is installed on Server "A", only User "1" can login to Server "A".
User "1" cannot log in to Server "B" in Active Directory environment.